Industry and Academia Linkage:

We develop human resources capable of employability skills needed to excel in the career path of graduates. We make sure to prepare our graduates for professional and graduate study and for lifelong learning so that they can pursue careers in education, research, journalism, business, law, government, and publishing. The Department's policies and its reading- and writing-intensive curriculum demonstrate our commitment to the liberal arts. The students of the English Department are trained efficiently on technical writing, reporting, and utilizing English for global communications in every sector along with having literary skills. We provide students with sophisticated writing and critical thinking skills useful not only in the academy but also in the world at large. Besides, the CUB English Club is dedicated to helping the students of English majors. Along with developing their writing skills through workshops and poetry nights, Club focuses on bringing together students with a love of literature. English Club also provides a variety of new information regarding opportunities for jobs for English majors in the career field. The Department of English also offers opportunities to explore the identity, values, manners, and morals of the students.