The Department of English at Canadian University of Bangladesh offers a Four-Year Bachelor with Honours Degree. Department of English of Canadian University of Bangladesh applies tutorial-based education under the approval of UGC and the Bangladesh Government. This department provides students with a balanced synchronization of literature and linguistics course. Studying in English Department prepares students for a diverse range of professional fields.

The primary goal of the degree program on English at Canadian University of Bangladesh is to make the students technically qualified to practice in the related professional area. The department emphasizes the development of analytical skills, acquisition of knowledge and a good understanding of the literature, language and linguistics.

Message From Head:

Greetings from the Head of the Department of English. Canadian University of Bangladesh, English Department welcomes you to visit our website. In Canadian University of Bangladesh, Department of English, we offer a wide range of exciting courses at the undergraduate level, both in literature and in language. In our department, we guide our undergraduate students in such a way that not only refines their analytical abilities and critical thinking but also prepares them for a wide range of careers. Our Department reflects creative diversity and helps our students to communicate in the current globalized cultural landscape. This Department is characterized by a vibrant environment with the active engagement of faculty and students. We look forward to many years of excellence in the future.