International Students :

International students seeking admission in CUB must fulfill the admission requirements as above. Admission will be confirmed after verification of their academic records vis-a-visequivalent courses of the university. They must provide the following documents:

Valid Student Visa
Original Transcripts & Certificates
Financial Statement

Conditional Admission
Students may temporarily be admitted to the university pending availability of a particular examination result. However, the pending results must be available before the commencement of the semester from when the admission is sought for. The university reserves the right of granting/rejecting a prayer for conditional admission.

Tuitions Fees

Local Student

Programs Duration Total Credit Hours Admission Fee (One time) Service Fee /
Total Tuition Cost Total Cost
(Tuition + Others Fees)
Calendar Trimesters Tuition Fee / Credit Hour Total Tuition Fee Total Tuition Fee (after 40% waiver) Total Cost (after 40% waiver)
BA in English 4 years 12 120 15,000 4,000 4,250 5,10,000 3,06,000 3,69,000


During admission, the prospective student must bring all certificates, mark sheets/transcripts and testimonials from the previous institutes along with one photocopy of each. Need to submit 2(two) passport size photograph.

Need to submit a copy of national ID and/or passport. If such documents are not available, then need to submit copy of parent's national ID and/or passport. *According to UGC policy, a maximum of 13 CH is waived for the students having 4(four) years polytechnic diploma by BTEB background.